ID Your Tip

Pros and Cons


  • Uses standard syringe delivery systems.
  • Can be re-used after autoclaved sterilization.
  • Can interchange with other disposable air/water tips that do not require a proprietary adapter.


  • Studies have shown that patient blood and debris collects on the inside of metal tips due to “suck back”, when syringe buttons are released. This debris gets baked on the micro-lumen tubing inside the tip and leads to clogging issues.
  • Requires sterilization after each use.
  • Metal edges cause excessive wear and tear on O-Rings.
  • Expensive, are often lost down sink drains, or accidentally thrown away.



  1. Made from Stainless Steel.
  2. Tips are reusable after autoclaving.

NOTE: Metal Tips, for infection control protocols, are not the best solution for dental practices. There are no absolute ways to fully sterilize metal tips. Metal tips corrode on the inside creating fissures where biofilm and bioburden then get baked into the tip.

Has Biodegradable Version NO YES
Proprietary Adapter NO YES
Can Switch with Metal YES NO
Can Use Other Disposables YES NO
Available in Variety of Colors YES YES
Same Length as Metal YES NO
Can Visually see Air Chamber NO YES
Free Adapters NO YES
Lifetime Support Program NO YES
Exchange For Free Program NO YES
Available Direct or Dealer NO YES
Has O-Ring Tip Lock YES NO
Has Dedicated Air/Water Chambers YES YES
Has Competitive Upgrade NO YES
Plant-A-Tree Program NO YES
Has Customer Loyalty Program NO YES
Has Customer Rewards Program NO YES
Has Two Tip lengths NO YES