ID Your Tip

Pros and Cons


  • Has separate air/water channels to prevent leakage.


  • Plastic contains PHT and DEHP, both chemicals known to cause negative health.
  • Yellow locking mechanism can snap off, making the adapter useless.
  • Many users report having to insert tip, remove and reinsert due to misalignment of center guide pin.
  • The exposed release ring on the adapter is easliy contaminated, there is no way to properly clean this region of the adapter between patients. Meaning it should be replaced after each use.
  • Average selling price for Seal-Tight® seems to be higher than most, however not by much.
  • Tip is white, opague, so you can't see if water has seeped into air channels.



  1. Tip is white, opaque, so you can't see if water has seeped into air channels.
  2. The yellow ring at top of the adapter has been known to snap off the adapter, requiring replacement of the unit.
  3. The Seal-Tight® adapter has grooves all around that can collect biofilm during patient usage.
  4. Seal-Tight® fits into the adapter, but does not have an O-Ring at the point of contact with the tip.
Has Biodegradable Version NO YES
Proprietary Adapter YES YES
Can Switch with Metal NO NO
Can Use Other Disposables NO NO
Available in Variety of Colors YES YES
Same Length as Metal NO NO
Can Visually see Air Chamber NO YES
Free Adapters NO YES
Lifetime Support Program NO YES
Exchange For Free Program NO YES
Available Direct or Dealer NO YES
Has O-Ring Tip Lock NO NO
Has Dedicated Air/Water Chambers YES YES
Has Competitive Upgrade NO YES
Plant-A-Tree Program NO YES
Has Customer Loyalty Program NO YES
Has Customer Rewards Program NO YES
Has Two Tip lengths NO YES